Projects & Working Groups

Housing Justice

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Electoral Working Group

Central CT DSA’s electoral work is focused on growing the base for socialism in Connecticut, empowering working people, and creating multi-racial-working-class centered campaigns. We work to elect socialist representatives who will use their votes and the powers of their office to lift up the demands of the working class and materially support Central CT DSA’s work in the areas of housing, health, economic justice, decarceration, racial and gender equity, and radical queer liberation.

A Central CT DSA endorsement constitutes the support of the entire membership – including canvass, phonebank, text, and relational field support, and the mobilization of our local and statewide membership.

We view electioneering — and especially our canvassing operations — as an opportunity to build popular support for our policy goals and our movement, and thus we encourage only candidates comfortable with the entire DSA platform to apply for our endorsement.

Learn more about the endorsement process here.

Find CCTDSA’s candidate questionnaire here.

Medicare for All

We believe that health care is a human right, not a privilege. In partnership with the Medicare for All CT coalition, the Medicare for All working group aims to raise awareness and support for single-payer health care in Connecticut and across the country, and to push our delegation in Washington to endorse and co-sponsor Medicare for All in Congress.

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LGBTQ Working Group

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Socialist Feminist Study Group

The Socialist Feminist Study Group is a space for those living in Connecticut and engaging in the activism community to explore the intersection of socialism, feminism, race, and other identities. We will explore a variety of materials to raise consciousness of socialist feminism, give feedback to our local DSA chapters about how inclusive leadership and activities are of socialist feminist practices, and eventually engage with other organizations advancing socialist feminist actions. Please read our community agreements here. 

The SocFem Study Group generally meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.; check the calendar for up-to-date meeting listings.